i blog about dick a whole lot tbh


come thru

a guy i was seeing and his reaction to “fucking” on the first date. i would be angry enough if i willingly fucked him, but i am livid because he took advantage of me and wants to shame me for his disgusting actions. i wonder how many guys secretly agree with him

convert to this pussy and you will see the face of god, TRUST

pussy game so good it has its own religion

wish i was f*ckin my husband rn

i am captain “save a lost nigga”

ima be the first bitch on this site to admit that i DO NOT stay in my lane

imarinicollette asked: I miss you blogging, baby girl.

👼 i’ll be back in it soon

you can’t really expect anything to last longer than a moment

this anxiety med got me so fucked up i can’t c*m and i don’t even want to. been curvin my nigga so hard this week…

more car sex 2k14


Y’all look at my titties

the only bitch i ever reblogged on this site yellowdischarge 
you love me, you love her she is me i am her 👭💅 

damn and just like that i’m back in the cut 👻

yellowdischarge god is truly so good 👼🙏☝️
i love living in an area where i can cop a $3 t shirt from a weed man and buy a raspa less than 20ft. away i love it

that dick that’ll make you ruin your blog aesthetic

that dick that’ll make you question your purpose in life