i blog about dick a whole lot tbh


come thru

the anaconda video is like the perfect visualization of how amazing i think my goodies are :)

my dad just started crying because i called him an “uncle tom”…

"fox news" "colorblind society" "quit playing the race card" "why does everything have to be about race?" "we’re all humans" "right wing republicans" "america: land of the free" 

i think what really fucks me up is that dudes can always tell me how [insert positive adjective] i am and yet still they all leave. the good ones, the bad ones, the crazy ones, the ugly ones… everyone leaves so like what’s the point? might as well be an asshole or a hoe or ignorant or dismissive

you can jump when they say jump, doesn’t matter. some dudes will always be unappreciative so you might as well do you lol

this website has assured me that there is a good selection of brothers out here that appreciate my melanin

just fyi if your blog has pics of your pasty pencil dick unfollow like rn thanks

Anonymous asked: can we see them titties?


where my thicc bitches at?

where the nigga at thas gonna thirst over me exclusively???

when i think about the future, the only thing that seems like a definite yes is me crying more than necessary

Anonymous asked: you just bitter

m you’re either a) white or b) said black guy. either way you’re irrelevant so…

"stop fucking girls over ‘cause we’re all lowkey crazy and will ruin your life if you do" 2k14

convert to this pussy and you will see the face of god, TRUST

pussy game so good it has its own religion